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Mic Mechanical has always endeavored to achieve the highest degree of quality in its workmanship. To produce a quality product within budget, all members of the construction team must focus upon quality from the preconstruction phase until completion. This principle is continually emphasized by the company President James Waters. Thus, the importance of a genuine determination to provide you, our client, with first-class projects, it is communicated to and understood by all Mic Mechanical personnel.

Prior to the commencement of individual projects, quality control guidelines are established for the work by specifications review, consultation with the engineer, architect, or designer, and through discussion among the specialists within our company. These guidelines highlight items which demand special attention. Reference to the guidelines enable the supervisor to focus on critical details needed in quality work.

Installation methods and materials are inspected daily for conformity with project requirements and quality control guidelines. Our Project Managers and Supervisors will carry out inspections at manufacturers’ premises to ensure that production is on schedule and that the quality meets our requirements.

The following quotation, taken from a publication by American Society of Civil Engineers, expresses our company’s philosophy in reference to Quality Control:

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result Of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction And skillful execution. It represents the wise choice Of many alternatives.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result Of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction And skillful execution. It represents the wise choice Of many alternatives.



In order in increase the development and awareness of environmentally sound products Mic Mechanical strives to ensure that our construction materials, products and services contain the maximum level of post-consumer recyclable waste and/or recyclable content as long as it does not significantly affect the intended use of the product or service. Mic Mechanical also inquiries and requests that all packaging/shipping materials used in the shipping of items be environmentally sound and must not contain ozone depleting CFCs in their production.

Mic Mechanical Environmentally Preferred Products
     • Reduce waste by being more energy, fuel and water efficient
     • Are reusable or contain reusable parts
     • Are recyclable by being capable of recycling into another product at the end of its useful life
     • Produce fewer polluting by-products and/or safety hazards during manufacturing, use or disposal

In completing our environmental Construction Responsibilities, Mic Mechanical (where facilities and construction schedules permit), insist that all trades sort and dispose of all construction waste materials to their proper facilities and adhere to all Ministry of Environment regulations governing construction waste disposal, for example:
     • Clean rubble to proper land fill use
     • Hazardous material by generator number
     • Metals, separate from glass and plastic
     • Non R-R and R materials to their proper sites

Our final Environmentally Sensitive item is that Mechanical will provide our clients with all S.D.S information required by WHMIS.


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Mic Mechanical has been a trusted mechanical contractor for over 25 years, with a reputation for excellence in the industry. From HVAC to plumbing and electrical, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet your needs. Let us be your go-to partner for all your mechanical contracting needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals!
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